Pregnancy Wellness Programme

When you are pregnant it can be an overwhelming time with so much nutrition and lifestyle information coming at you from every direction. Cut through the noise and become fully empowered by attending the Pregnancy Wellness Programme. Get informed as to what foods are beneficial to a healthy baby and a healthy you, what foods to avoid, lifestyle improvement tips and how to incorporate these into your own day-to-day life to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Our approach is from a balanced viewpoint, working with you to form your own plan to utilise the information into your personal schedule and lifestyle.

The Pregnancy Wellness Programme consists of a half-day group session combining information and coaching tools to set you on course to taking control of your health and wellbeing while pregnant and beyond. It also includes two hour-long one-to-one follow up sessions with a Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach to guide you through the path to achieving your goals within the subsequent weeks.

Having the information is the first step to reaching your wellness goals, but the key to success is making it work for you on an individual level with the support of a coach.

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