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I have, for years, felt like I should be juicing in order to be the healthy person I aspired to be.  But have you ever juiced?  I have.  It’s a full-on commitment involving a lot of cleaning, and to be honest a lot of waste.  To get a decent glass of juice you need to use so much fruit or veg and then you throw out all the fibrous part that it discarded by the machine.  It’s been quite controversial lately too.  The amount of sugar in juice is so high relative to the nutrients you get from it, and contains no fibre or roughage, and therefore is maybe not the best thing to have first thing in the morning – setting yourself up for imbalanced blood sugar for the day, which really means craving sugar every few hours until you get it and then spike followed by a crash into a tired state… until the next sugar hit.  And so it goes on until you can balance that sugar.

Enter the Nutribullet.  I saw this advertised on TV a number of months ago and as with every infomercial I become instantly suspicious.  But I thought what it was saying it does made a lot of sense.  It is essentially a high speed blender which can pulverize nuts and seeds (to give an idea of the power of the machine).  It also blends directly in the cups that it comes with.  So, you use the entire piece of fruit or veg, add water and blend.  You then drink from the cup you just blended in and rinse it out afterwards.  It has lids for the cups so you could bring it to work if you don’t like quaffing in one go before dashing out the door.

What I really love about the Nutribullet is the fact you are getting all the benefits of the raw fruit/veg from the nutrients to the fibre.  I’ve been having one for breakfast for over a month now and I feel great.  I’ve lost a bit of weight, but better than that I FEEL light.  I also don’t feel like I need to grab a biscuit halfway through the morning.  So, although I have fruit in the drink the sugars are released slowly into my system thanks to having the fibre in it too.

So, is it a juice or a smoothie?  Or what is it?  To be honest, I don’t care!  You can decide for yourself with their recipe book that it comes with which includes a healthy programme to follow.  Personally I just have one for breakfast and try to behave myself in terms of what I eat using the 80/20 rule of thumb.  It works great without feeling restricted.

I’ll post some recipes over the coming weeks and months.  Watch this space!

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  1. bob
    January 21, 2015

    You’re so right about the waste in some juices, unless you’re composting in which case its great!
    Any thoughts on Spirulina and other such additions to a regular juice regime?
    Great blog, really useful source of info – more power to you 🙂

    1. Suzanne
      January 21, 2015

      Hi Bob, thanks for the lovely feedback! In terms of adding to my morning smoothie, I have a few additions I just love. I like to play around with them a bit and try new ones out when I can. My go-to additions are chia seeds, maca powder, flaxseed and sometimes a protein powder like hemp. If it’s my breakfast I’ll add oats aswell. I have yet to get into spirulina, I know it’s got so many health benefits, but I also know it can cause a funky mould to grow in your dishwasher which made me hold off!! You can get spirulina tablets if you like what they do for you but don’t juice etc every day. I’ll post a few smoothie recipes over the coming weeks. Thanks again 😉

      1. bob
        February 19, 2015

        Thanks for the response Suzanne. Here’s another one for you – I’ve been adding dried goji berries to the porridge recently are there any known negative side effects from these guys?

        1. Suzanne
          February 20, 2015

          Hi Bob, a lot of the ‘super foods’ are known to have interactions with medications so I don’t recommend them specifically. If you are on any medication I would mention it to your GP to be sure it’s ok for you to take them. There are also possible allergic reactions. If you are starting to take something new like goji berries I would say to take initially in very small quantities and observe any changes to your body. I hope that helps!

  2. Serena
    January 27, 2015

    Hi Suzanne,
    The site looks amazing, well done and best of luck with it all!
    We got the Nutribullet as a present and have just started reading up on it, this post was really helpful as you always hear about the sugar in juices and whether they are worthwhile. So this was a great read, thanks!

    1. Suzanne
      January 27, 2015

      Thanks Serena! You’ll find yourself discovering all sorts of fun nutritional boosters to use too! Enjoy xx

  3. Clare Kavanagh
    February 17, 2015

    Spirulina works wonders, my friend calls it Natures cocaine and she’s right!

  4. bob
    March 31, 2015

    How about the GreenValu juicer have you road tested it? I think its Irish made???

    1. Suzanne
      May 25, 2015

      No, I haven’t Bob. But thanks for the heads up. I’ll be tracking that down!

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