Healthy Lunchbox Talk

I had the pleasure of giving a talk in Wee Care last week to the Montessori parents about healthy lunchboxes for their children ahead of starting ‘big school’ in September. It was lovely to have the opportunity to have such an interactive session and empower them to do the best they can do with all the constraints that busy parents have to navigate around. Having done the same talk to the parents in Monkstown Educate Together, the feedback has been really positive. In addition, the parents are great at sharing their lunchbox successes and failures which is really useful for everyone there.

It’s always good to have a bag of tricks at these kind of talks, so I bring a great collection of products that I was given by Howards Storage World (they also stock lego lunch box items like in the main pic).

The presentation is very interactive, and the topics covered are:

o   What is a healthy diet?

o   What are we trying to achieve for our kids through nutrition?

o   What is a healthy lunch?

o   What are the barriers to our kids getting a healthy lunch?

o   Some ideas of healthy lunches.

o   Planning tools & helpful resources.


If this sounds like something your child’s school or their PTA might be interested in, then drop me a line at



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