5 Ways to have Workplace Wellness

Friday the 27th March 2015 is National Workplace Wellbeing Day, so to get on board with this brilliant initiative here are some things you can do in your workplace to be involved:

skateboarding-498298_6401. Move – Take your calls on your feet and pace, do a lap of the office every twenty minutes, stretch your arms and rotate your feet at your desk regularly, take the stairs, get off the bus a stop too early. These are just some ideas to get movement into your day when you’re in a desk-bound job. Work hard at getting movement in because you’re giving your body and mind a wellness present and you’ll reap all the rewards.

kettle-565595_6402. Breathe – Try to do 5 deep, yoga-style breaths while waiting for the kettle to boil for your cuppa. It is amazing the calming effect of deep breathing on your body when you are under any level of stress. Everything feels more manageable. I’m convinced this is the reason why most people smoke, they are taking these huge breaths and relaxing. So, skip the smoke and breath instead. Ohmmmmm.

tape-403590_6403. Drink – Ok, don’t all start cracking open the beers just yet. This is about drinking water and staying hydrated. This helps with staying alert and energized. It has so many positive effects on the body. Have a bottle on your desk on the go at all times. Reach your target intake of water every day and you’ll feel amazing. Check out my post on Hydration here.


playmobil-451203_6404. Chat – Connecting with people improves our how we work and how we are. We need social interaction to feel good and part of a purposeful community.  So get social in work.  It doesn’t have to mean going out every weekend with work colleagues, but that you develop a strong camaraderie within the work place.  It will make for a much more secure and happy environment to work in.  Group hug everyone 🙂


Suzanne Leyden finished hummus5. Eat – Balance your snacks well with protein, fat and carbs in every snack. Something like hummus and carrot sticks, or oatcakes and almond butter – yum! This helps to balance your blood sugar, which really means you’ll reduce sugar cravings. Done regularly you’ll notice some positive changes such as weight loss, improved mood and concentration and you’ll avoid that 3pm slump. Always have a stash of your favourite healthy snacks to hand so you don’t give in to temptation!

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