5 Things to do this Paddy’s Day to make you feel Amazing

It’s nice to take a fresh approach to a traditional occasion. St Patrick’s Day hasn’t got the best reputation for being a day about health and wellness, with drinking traditionally at its core. Modern Ireland is always looking for alternative choices. As Paddy’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, a lot of people are taking the Monday off work to avail of a 4-day weekend. So this list is aimed at having fun and being nice to yourself all weekend long – Yay!


  1. Get Moving! Go for a run or long walk.  Getting your blood pumping and breathing in some fresh air is a sure way to invigorate you. If the thought of a run terrifies you and yet you’d like to get out there and just do it then there are so many apps to try to help you build your fitness. I’m trying this Couch to 5k one out at the moment to get into my groove after a winter of hibernation. It uses a set program where you go out for 30 mins, and prompts you to run for a minute then walk and it goes on. After 8 weeks you should be able to go and run 5K straight. Another app I love is the Nike+ one. It tracks you and tells you how far and what speeds you did throughout the run. It means you can create routes that you know are different distances and know how long it takes you. On both of these apps you can play music apps while you use it to keep the pace up.


  1. Treat yourself to some R ’n R – This doesn’t have to be an expensive spa trip, although let’s not rule that out ;-), and it’s for the guys too. Even a simple bath can give us the physical and mental relaxation to re-energise us. Why not pause and take some time to yourself for a bit of a pamper. You deserve it! My favourite Irish products at the moment are Kinvara cleansing face oil and Voya’s ‘Softly Does It’ body lotion. Fab Irish products for the weekend that’s in it!


  1. Read an Irish classic – short stories are the way to go if you want to accomplish this over the weekend. Or else start a book that you’ve always wished you’d read. There are so many Irish authors you are spoiled for choice. Personally, I am going to finally read ‘The Dead’ by James Joyce, a short story in the collection ‘Dubliners’.  I’ve said it so now I better do it!


  1. Get your garden in order. The weather has improved-ish, with a scattering of some amazing sunny days lately. Why not get stuck into some gardening to kick off spring good and proper? This weekend we are putting a bike shed in our front garden to avoid traipsing bikes through the house. After a lot of research this is the most secure and compact bike shed I’ve chosen.  We’re also going to rip out 6 year old lavender and replace with this red robin which is bright and breezy all year round. I got this from the lovely Murphy and Wood, but you should be able to find a supplier locally. All that work will give me a skip to my step every time I come or go from the house.


  1. Get social. Meet with a gang of friends – After all that activity, it’s definitely time for some fun and connectivity! Whether it’s for a drink, a cheap n cheerful meal or some home entertaining – get mingling! It does such wonders for the mood. And try to mix it up by inviting some new people into the fold.  If babysitters are an issue, meet for lunch and bring the kids. If you’re in the capital this Paddy’s day then check out Lovin’ Dublin for some brilliant restaurant reviews to help you make your mind up.


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