Spiralizers Are Go!

Who doesn’t like getting some kitchen toys? Although, I usually have to do tonnes of research before splurging on even the smallest thing. The last thing I want is more clutter and some useless item reminding me of a bad decision I’ve made.

Enter the spiralizer. A thing of wonder.  About a year or two ago I kept hearing about spiralizers and ‘courgetti’ and once it was in my awareness it was then everywhere. It sounds like a sci-fi weapon, which helps when gaining interest in something! So my research began in earnest. I needed to know all the types available and the prices and what they do exactly. I decided on the Lurch Spirali. From the day it arrived I’ve been hooked. I still stare at the spaghetti-like strands of vegetables coming out of it as I turn the handle trying to figure out the engineering of it. Thankfully I tend to get distracted by the rumbling of my stomach and move on. With three different blades you can use it’s possible to really mix up the result. There’s the spaghetti-like strands, then a thicker version which are almost like udon noodles and then a much wider one that works well for apples, or fruit and veg of that size or consistency – potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot etc.

One courgette spiralized, ready to be devoured!

There are some amazing ways of using the spiralizer, and when I say amazing, I mean simple yet deliciously healthy. Mine is put to use now at least once a week and the kids love joining in creating dinner with a twist. My favourite blade is the spaghetti-like one and the easiest vegetable to use, in my opinion, is the courgette (zucchini). Its soft texture lends itself well, creating beautiful long soft strands of delicate flavor. They absorb other flavours really well too, so never seem to over-power what they are served with. Kids love this too as they think it’s actual spaghetti, so it’s a winner in terms of getting a it more fresh veg into them which is the eternal challenge, in my house anyway.  Another good one to do is the humble carrot, although it’s a bit tougher to get the really long strands and the twisting is a little bit more of a chore compared with the gliding of the courgette.

Spiralizer with pasta pesto and salmon
Courgetti with penne pasta, pesto and salmon. Speedy, savoury and simple.

In terms of what to use the courgetti with, well really the options are endless. When having it hot, I like doing it with Bolognese, especially if I want a light but flavoursome meal. The beauty is that after I’ve eaten it I feel really full and satisfied, but I really notice the difference in the morning when my belly doesn’t feel bloated. To prepare it I tend to put the courgetti into a pot and put the Bolognese over it on a low heat and mix until I’m happy it’s warm enough. I also sometimes do half and half with pasta, and this is a good one for kids to try. It’s novel but they still get their familiar pasta too. In the picture here you can see courgetti mixed with pasta and homemade pesto, served with smoked salmon and lemon wedges. Honestly, delicious. I simply added the courgetti to the drained, freshly cooked pasta, added generous amounts of pesto and heated gently over a low heat for a couple of minutes. So quick to prepare, literally 10-12 minutes and you’ll be sitting down to luxuriate with this feast.

Courgetti and Quinoa salad, part of a picnic with mini-omelettes and carrot sticks.
Courgetti and Quinoa salad, part of a picnic with mini-omelettes and carrot sticks.

Cold options on the other hand, well the sky’s the limit. I have mixed it with cold quinoa and a lovely lemon and mustard salad dressing which was spectacular. If you can leave it to stand for a couple of hours the flavours dance around your mouth. Mixed courgetti with spiralised carrot makes for a beautifully colourful dish. Or with raw grated beetroot. Or with mixed leaves. Or with tomatoes, olives and goats cheese. You can see the versatility of this simple little toy. I highly recommend it, especially if it’s been on your mind.

Here’s my affiliate link to amazon where I bought mine. I haven’t looked back. Go on treat yourself, you won’t regret it!

Lurch Spirali 10203 Vegetable Spiralizer Green/Cream

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  1. Kate
    May 25, 2015

    I picked up this exact one a few weeks ago! Haven’t looked back either. Lovely article Suzanne x

    1. Suzanne
      May 25, 2015

      It’s brilliant, isn’t it Kate? Thanks for the message! x

  2. Clare Kavanagh
    May 25, 2015

    This looks great, definitely getting one!

    1. Suzanne
      May 27, 2015

      Let me know how you get on with it Clare. You’re going to LOVE it! x

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